Extreme Weight Loss: 3 Massive Benefits and 3 Serious Dangers!

The Benefits And Dangers Of Extreme Weight Loss

A lot of people want to lose a lot of weight fast.   The search for “extreme weight loss” solutions, pills, workouts, diets – you name it – is ever-growing globally.   The desire to lose more weight, with far less effort is leveraged by marketers, supplement companies, gyms and online workout courses, to get millions of people to click the “buy” button every day.

While extreme weight loss is certainly possible and can have incredible benefits, it also comes with some notable dangers and risks that need to be fully understood.

In this article we’ll look at 3 benefits and 3 dangers of extreme weight loss, to ensure a balanced perspective and give you the tools you need to safely engage in this process.

Let’s first look at 3 benefits…

3 Benefits of Extreme Weight Loss

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1. Boosted Self Confidence

Extreme weight loss can quickly boost the confidence of those who have actually lost the weight.   Simply seeing a more desirable image of the self in the mirror can do wonders for confidence, self-

worth and even ongoing self-care.  Having talked to several people who have lost large sums of weight over the years, the boost in confidence that comes from simply walking through a clothing store

and being able to shop for smaller sizes, try them on and put them on the counter at the register, is immense!

Then there’s the confidence one can gain within relationships.   Extreme weight loss can make marriage and sex better for both partners, and even help friendships become stronger whereby the ability to more ably participate in activities like hiking and running with friends can improve interpersonal bonds.


2. Much healthier Diet

Another significant impact of extreme weight loss, if done in conjunction with healthy radical changes to diet, is the new habit of healthier eating that is formed in the process.   Going from a highly-processed, high sugar, high fat diet to a balanced, nutrient-rich, portion-controlled and consistent eating regimen can carve out new pathways in the brain that crave and desire the latter, and establish habits that are very sustainable.

This means more energy, better sleep, better brain function, better emotional health and ultimately, better relationships.


3. Healthier Body

We all know that it’s never ever healthy to carry around extra weight.   It’s hard on joints, bones, the nervous system and even internal organs, leading to the possibility of multiple chronic illnesses, as well as life-long discomfort and pain.

People who are obese are more likely to have heart conditions, and are more likely to have diabetes as well. When you lose a lot of weight, you give your body the ability to ward off disease, pain and structural damage in both the short and the long term.

Digestive healthy can also be a huge benefit of extreme weight loss – again – if done by way of extreme healthy diet changes.   Problems like constipation can disrupt the internal system immensely, and eating a balanced healthy diet that’s rich in fiber and vitamins can lead to healthy regularity.

Now…let’s look at 3 dangers…


3 Dangers of Extreme Weight Loss

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1. Extreme Weight Fluctuations

Those who try to lose weight quickly, and do so by way of unsafe methods and techniques, may not actually establish sustainable weight loss at all.

While the body will slim down through extreme dieting, the weight is often times rapidly re-gained once the extreme dieting is over.

Take, for example, a Paleo diet or the Adkins Diet – both of which focus heavily on eliminating carbohydrates from the daily eating regimen altogether.  While the diet might offer short-lived weight-loss, it may not get you to your long term objectives once you resume carbohydrate intake.


2.  Anxiety and Stress

This type of weight volatility can also have a psychological impact and lead many people to quit dieting altogether as a result of the hopelessness that comes from their perceived repeated “failures”.

There are several favorable benefits to severe weight loss. Those who lose a lot of weight will frequently see a surge in their self-confidence. They will see favorable changes in their lifestyle, and will see positive modifications in their body.


3.  Multiple Organ Damage…And Even Failure

Extreme weight loss by way of starvation can lead to multiple organ failure.   This Livestrong article demonstrates how the heart and brain are severely impacted in cases of extreme starvation, and how multiple organ failure as well as seizures and nerve damage can be some real dangers and risks.


Extreme Weight Loss:  Conclusion

The good news is that extreme weight loss can be safely achieved.  Good techniques for this include a balanced, nutrient-rich diet that consists of non-processed foods, low sugar content, whole grains and a lot of water, as well as regular physical activity and exercise.   What’s also good news is that extreme weight loss does not have to require extreme exercise or eating regimens.   While the changes one must make to his/her exercise and eating routines may be extreme changes when compared to prior habits, neither starvation, nor a high number of hours at the gym are required to achieve extreme weight loss.

Beware of any methodology that encourages starvation or combines long periods of fasting with high-intensity exercise or physical activity.  These are dangerous methods that, although they may lead to extreme weight loss quickly, can carry risks and dangers that you simply can’t afford to take on.


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